About our Wines

In the Winemakers hands.

In the Winemakers hands.

Valley Farm Vineyards sell award-winning, vintage, single estate, elegant still and sparkling wines. We grow many differnt kinds of grapes in our lovingly restored vintage Suffolk vineyard, so do stop by for a tour or buy a some of our award winning wines below.  We now take payment by card too.

Adds the sparkle to your moment

Adds the sparkle to your moment


The Vintage Brut 2015 ‘Sundancer’ Sparkling cute is a fine addition to the VFV sparkling tradition. The wine is a  golden colour with a stream of exuberant, and then sustainable, fine bubbles.  On the nose it is delicate and subtle, with aromas of baked apple, patisserie, almonds and honey. Flavours of lemon and  shortbread abound on the palete.

Launching the ‘View East’ rosé during English Wine Week

Launching the ‘View East’ rosé during English Wine Week

‘view east’ rose 2018

The nose is fun and fruity with aromas of strawberry, cherry, candied sweets and chantilly cream. The palate is off-dry  with a citrussy crisp and clean finish.  Red summer fruit flavours abound in this delightful Rosé.


Really delicate and subtle - launching the Madeleine Angevine 2018

Really delicate and subtle - launching the Madeleine Angevine 2018

Madeline Angevine 2018

The summer of 2018 has provided us with yet another great single estate vintage. Aromas of stone fruit, walnut, apple and gentle hedgerow flowers are exhibited. The palate is crisp, dry, elegant and very well balanced. Flavours are of citrus and ripe cox apple. 

Discussing the aromas and flavours of the Pinot Gris 2018

Pinot gris 2018

Richly aromatic and floral this single estate vintage Pinot Gris exhibits aromas of peach, pear, honeysuckle and jasmine. The palate is dry with the slightest sweetness to balance the steely acidity. Flavours are of ripe peach and grapefruit.



Previous wines

We have included these past wines for interest even though they are no longer available for tasting or purchasing.

This 2017 Madeleine shows an array of tropical fruit characters along with the typical elderflower aromas. The palate is dry but unusually opulent and well rounded with ripe peach, pineapple and citrus characters that linger. 

This 2017 dry white wine exhibits a bouquet of aromas from citrus   through apple and grapefruit to pear which linger on the palate with a honeyed dimension typical of a good Pinot Gris.  It is balanced with a crisp fresh acidity and has a rewarding smooth finish.  

 The 2016 vintage from Valley Farm Vineyards is a dry, delicate and elegant Madeleine Angevine.  Aromas tend to be a balance of floral and fruity. Particularly elderflower, apple, pear and something slightly more citrusy such as lime. 

The NV Brut VFV English Sparkling Wine 'Sundancer' is a delightful addition to our wine collection.  It is a blush pinot-blend bottle-fermented in the traditional way to spectacular effect.  It boasts a creamy mousse with flavours and aromas of rich raspberries.  Quite special and in very limited supply.

The 2014 vintage 'View East' is a still Rosé with a colour reminiscent of our East coast sunrise...with a refreshingly light spritz the wine maker has blended our grapes for a delicately styled wine with summer fruits on the palette. A treat in a bottle! 

The Madeleine Angevine is the 2013 vintage still white; it is elegant and dry.  The winemaker has allowed the  grape variety to express itself, embracing the elegance and delicacy of the fruit.  Ideal as an aperitif or to accompany locally caught sea food. 

The 2011 vintage sparkling blush 'Gloriana' has been expertly blended from the classic grape varieties -  Auxerrois, Pinot Mernier, and Pinot Noir and bottle fermented by the traditional method.  The wine has a flinty nose and presents hints of stone fruits and brioche on the palatte.  Lovely!  The natural pink blush makes it very attractive for all kinds of events and celebrations.